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Date: Sunday, July 17, 2016
Time:1:00 Pm Eastern Time
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Large Sword Cane Collection, Telescopes, Gun and Dress Canes
The Dr. Neil Padget Collection
Sunday July 17th 1:00 PM Eastern
125 West Market Street
Johnson CIty, Tennessee 37604

Dr. Padget was "The Purveyor" of fine antique sword canes and antique
telescopes. He traveled the world buying only the best. He has retired and
is offering his entire collection through Kimball M. Sterling, Inc. The
swords are some of the rarest known in the field of collecting. There are
gun canes, flick, Folk, and dress canes but there are over 100 sword
canes. He also collected swagger sticks with daggers. This is the first
time we have seen anything like this.The telescope collection consist of
18th century to WW II. Very rare telescopes in their original boxes.Make
your plans to attend this auction.

Here is the link to Internet catalogue and registration:

This auction will be live in-house and live on the Internet at

Cash or check 20% bp. Preview 10 am the morning of the auction or by
appointment anytime before July 17th

Date: Saturday, July 9, 2016
Time:10:30 am
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Various Estates and Coin Collection
Sat. July 9th 10:00 am
Preview at 9:30 am
125 West Market Street
Johnson City Tennessee 37604

We will add a complete set of photos this weekend. Check back... This sale
will be a good one. Many items boxed away for years.

We have about 5 estates on this day. Upscale leather sofas, and bedroom
suites, RR lantern, Fine china and glass, Collection of Herend figures and
china, Folk art boat, pie safe,sterling, jewelry, carpets, prints and
mirrors, 100 Silver dollars, 5.00 gold coin, silver bullion, Face silver
coins, assorted bag lots type coins, sets of Franklin and Liberty halves,
CC silver dollars,Mercury domes, Victorian walnut server, Italian modern
curved glass display cabinet( This is a showpiece), Rose medallion, Art
glass, Victorian jewelry, Large Chinese soapstone carving, cut glass,
books and albums, Cherry upscale dining room suite,Some slabbed coins, Unc
buffalo nickles, estate box lots. a Louisiana estate with great turn of
the 20th Century smalls, Italian and Swedish glass, Fine Art,formal
mirrors, kitchen items,Cool 1060's dining room suite. patio furniture.
Large sterling trumpet vase,box lots, modern roll top and corner cupboard.
more to come

Cash or check 10% Buyers fee. Announcements day of sale take precedence
over presale advertising.

Kimball M Sterling Inc, TFL-1915

Coin catalogue. These will be mixed in the first two hours of the auction.
They will take about 60 minutes to sell. We may even open a auction ring
just for coins.Thousands of coins. There is also a 1909 SVBD and a three
legged buffalo that we are getting authenticated . They will be cataloged
if they come back OK.
1. Silver dollars – 1928 & 1928s
2. Five silver dollars - 1925 & 1925s
3. Two silver dollars – 1935 & 1935s
4. Three silver dollars-1934 P, D S
5. Three silver dollars – 1927 P, D, S
6. Three silvers dollars – 1926 P, D, S
7. Four silver dollars – P, P, D, S
8. Four silver dollars - 1923 P,P,D,S
9. Three silver dollars – 1924 P,P,S
10. Fifteen Morgan Dollars - 1921 P
11. Thirteen Morgan Dollars – 1921 S
12. Eight Silver Dollars 1921 D
13. Silver Dollar - 1921 Peace
14. Three Silver Dollars
15. Six Silver Dollars – 1901 Morgan
16. Seven Silver Dollars
17. U. S. Walking Liberty Halves - $44 Face
18. Full set of Franklin Halves
19. Washington Silver Quarters, Full Set – 1948 -1964
20. Morgan 1880S Silver Dollar / NGC slabbed – MS-64
21. Seven Morgan Silver Dollars
22. Seven Morgan Silver Dollars
23. Five Morgan Silver Dollars
24. Four Morgan Silver Dollars – 0ne CC
25. Six Morgan Silver Dollars
26. Six Morgan Silver Dollars
27. Six Morgan Silver Dollars
28. Nine Morgan Silver Dollars
29. Seven Morgan Silver Dollars
30. Three Morgan Silver Dollars
31. Eight Morgan Silver Dollars
32. Four Morgan Silver Dollars
33. CC Silver Dollar 1883 PCGs slabbed – MS 64
34. Carson City 1881 Silver Dollar
35. Ten Morgan Silver Dollars
36. Twelve Morgan Silver Dollars
37. Nine Morgan Silver Dollars
38. Thirty-one Walking Liberty Halves
39. Forty Barber Halves
40. Six Walking Liberty Halves
41. Seven Seated Halves
42. Forty-four Barber and Seated Quarters
43. $25 face value silver quarters
44. 1937 PCGS slabbed MS 65 Washington Quarter
45. $8.75 face value Washington Quarters
46. $8.25 face value Standing Liberty Quarters
47. Full set Washington Silver Quarter - 1932-1947
48. $7.70 face value Mercury Dimes
49. Full set Roosevelt Dimes - $5 face value
50. $7.40 face value Mercury Dimes
51. $12.40 face value Silver Dimes
52. 1956 – 1959 Proof Sets 9 pieces
53. Sixteen Walking Liberty year sets $13.60 face silver
54. Barber Birth Year Five sets $4.25 face value silver, plus type coins
55. Three Franklin Birth Year sets $2.55 face value
56. Type Lot seated Dime & Three Cent Pieces
57. $9 face value assorted silver dimes
58. Twenty-one Liberty Head Nickels
59. Sixty-seven Buffalo Nickels
60. Forty Buffalo Nickels and sixty-five Jefferson Nickels
61. Box lot various coins
62. Full set Jefferson Nickels
63. Buffalo Nickel 1926 PCGS slabbed MS 65
64. Buffalo Nickel 1938D PCGS slabbed MS 66
65. Collection of Indian Head Pennies
66. Collection of Indian Head Pennies – 36 pcs
67. Two 1950D Uncirculated nickels
68. 1945S PCGS Jefferson Nickel MS 66
69. Large lot Nickels, Jefferson, V, Shield
70. One Hundred Buffalo Nickels
71. One Hundred Buffalo Nickels
72. One Hundred Buffalo Nickels
73. One Hundred Sixty-three Buffalo Nickels
74. $5.92 face value Wheat Pennies
75. $9.45 face value Wheat Pennies
76. Ten Silver Eagles
77. Six Silver Rounds
78. Bag lot non-silver tokens and US coins
79. Forty-seven Indian Head Cents
80. Forty-three clad Kennedy Halves
81. Fourteen 1968 Kennedy Clad Halves & Three Special Mint Sets
82. One Hundred Fifty-seven Clad Quarters 1965 & One Hundred Thirty-two
1967 Clad Quarters
83. Eighty-Three 1966 Clad Quarters, One Hundred Thirty-six Clad Dimes &
Seven Misc. Nickels
84. $5 face value Lincoln Pennies 1959 – 1964
85. Four 2009 Mint Sets
86. Three 2008 Proof Sets & One 2008 Proof Quarters
87. Ten Proof Sets
88. Nine Proof Sets & One Mint Set
89. Ten Proof Sets
90. Ten Proof Sets
91. Seven Proof Sets & Three Mint Sets
92. Six Silver Rounds
93. Kennedy Half Dollar Set Volume One
94. Assorted lot of Type Coins
95. Assorted Box Lot Various Coins
96. Assorted Currency
97. $5 Liberty Gold Piece
98. Assorted Foreign Lot
99. Assorted Mint Errors
100. Two Asian Gold Bars
101. Assorted Type Lots
102. Stone Mountain Half Dollar
103. Washington Carver Commemorative Half
104. Assorted Box Lot of Coins
105. Assorted Box Lot of Coins
106. Assorted Box Lot of Tokens
107. Susan B. Anthony Set
108. Assorted Box Lot State Quarters & Other Coins
109. Twenty-seven American Eagles
110. Box Lot Lincoln Pennies
111. Bag Lot Ike Dollars
112. Box Lot Sacagawea Dollars
113. Bag Lot of Modern Dimes, some Silver Proofs
114. Box Lot Modern Half Dollars
115. Box of Presidential & Native American Dollar Coins
116. Assorted Box Lot Coins
117. Seventy seven Silver Commemorative Quarters
118. Box lot Collection of Proof and Modern Quarters, some silver
119. Box Lot of Littleton Nickels Uncirculated and Proofs

Date: Saturday, June 25, 2016
Time:10 am
Upcoming Auctions - 20160605_091541_resized.jpg
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Anthony MURRELLS Estate Auction
TELFORD, TN 37690 (Just a few miles from Jonesborough)

Saturday June 25th 10 am
Preview 9:00 am

THis is a nice estate with Upscale furnishing, fine china and glass,
sterling flatware, aviation collectibles, Infield rifle, some antiques,
lots of good shop tools, generator, collectible toys, depression bedroom
suite, Modern blonde canopy bedroom suite, Oak kitchen clock, Disney
items, Old kitchen cupboard, Block front chest. Jewelry and silver chest,
Cheval mirror, teapot collection, Franciscan china, paintings, and much
more including estate box lots.

Tools boxes, woodworking tools, hand tools, power, yard tools and much

Main sale will be at 10:00 am with better items then box lots and flea
market type items at Noon.

Cash or Check 10% BP. No sales tax will be collected. Rain or shine . Our
tents will be up.

Parking will be on Oriole, Preakness Way and Raven Ct. The sale site is on
Leesburg Rd and there is not much parking but we have arranged with the
house directly behind the sale site for the buyers to walk through their
yard directly to our sale site. Hoppy will be there to show you where the
cut is. There will also be an auction arrow there to show you where to
cross.It is in the center of the block on Preakness. You will be able to
pull into the drive at the sale site to load. Plenty of parking for many
cars. You may however drop people of in the driveway at the sale site then
drive to either side street or back street to park. It is a small walk. 50
feet to a half of a block.

KImball M Sterling Inc.

Time:10:30 am
Upcoming Auctions - DSCN2798.JPG
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St. Martin Estate
Gate City Va.
Spring of 2016

This is a really nice estate in Downtown Gate City. I will list the address
soon but it will be sold at the home place. Fine antique furniture with one
heck of a corner cupboard, local pie safe. and many styles of furniture,
fine china and glass, paintings, nice baby grand piano, large library, lots
of cast iron yard furniture, and much much more. Our tent will be up rain or
shine. Great estate box lots. This house has been closed for over 12 years
and you will be the first to buy. Be here for an exciting day.

Cash or check 10% BP. Preview 9:30 am

Kimball M Sterling Auctioneer Lic# VAAR 1556

One piece or an entire collection of outsider or folk-art for future auctions.
Please give us a call 423 7733 4073 and email us
if you have items to sell.

We are now accepting African American items for a future auction. Toys, paperwork, books, political , historical, musical, slavery,civil war, advertising, quilts, art, canes, and most anything related to this field.
Please contact us at if you have items to consign

Accepting Jewelry, Coin Collections, Silver and Gold Coins for upcoming Auction.

One piece or a complete estate. Call for a free evaluation

Please email us at or by phone 423-928-1471

Upcoming Auctions - 13594.jpg
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We are in the tent rental business and have been for about 15 years here in Johnson City, We service a pretty wide area. Our sizes go from 20 x 20 to 40 by 80. Most of our tents are made by Eureka. We rent to business's, church's,Johsnon City Country Club, The Range. Lowes of johnson City, Elizabethton Chamber of Commerce, Covered bridge Festival, Girls Inc. of Johnson City, fireworks stands, Walmarts, TNT Fireworks, weddings, partys, and much more. We do not charge estra for delivery or set-up

Our tents can come with sides or without sides. We do keep a few tables also to rent but not many. We do mostly tents. You can see out tents setup at most of the Walmarts in SW Va during the Fourth of July. We have done those tents for about 8 years. All of our tents are up to fire code and most are pole tents. all of our tents are clean.

Give us an email or a call for a price. Our tents are high peeked and we also have some Capris (Looks like a big geometric butterfly has landed). Take a look at the Eureka Tents web site and you will see most of what we have. Wedding tents, party Tents,

Trade works as good as cash. Give us a chance to quote you.
Kimball M. Sterling Inc.
125 West Market St.
Johnson City, Tennessee 37604

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