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Date: Sunday, July 17, 2016
Time:1:00 Pm Eastern Time
Advance Notice

Large Sword Cane Collection, Telescopes, Gun and Dress Canes
The Dr. Neil Padget Collection
Sunday July 17th 1:00 PM Eastern
125 West Market Street
Johnson CIty, Tennessee 37604

Dr. Padget was "The Purveyor" of fine antique sword canes and antique
telescopes. He traveled the world buying only the best. He has retired and
is offering his entire collection through Kimball M. Sterling, Inc. The
swords are some of the rarest known in the field of collecting. There are
gun canes, flick, Folk, and dress canes but there are over 100 sword
canes. He also collected swagger sticks with daggers. This is the first
time we have seen anything like this.The telescope collection consist of
18th century to WW II. Very rare telescopes in their original boxes.Make
your plans to attend this auction.

This auction will be live in-house and live on the internet at The catalogue will appear here about two weeks before
the auction.

Cash or check 20% bp. Preview 10 am the morning of the auction or by
appointment anytime before July 17th

Date: Saturday, June 18, 2016
Time:12 Noon Eastern Time
Upcoming Auctions - 10_1.jpg
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Important Canes from the Ann and Pat Arthur Collection
Saturday June 18th
125 West Market Street
Johnson City, Tennessee 37604

This is not your normal cane auction. Some of the best of the best that have been off the market for years. Ann and Pat were purveyors of the finest in the l970's and 80's. This is a small selection of some of the finest in the collection. Where are you going to get these today? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We will be offering about 90 canes in this collection.

Rare Faberge handle in its original box once belonging to Mrs. Yule Brenner and Baron Enrico di Portanova which was purchased at Wartski in London, Rare gun canes, Porcelain bare breasted compartment cane, Narwhal, Artist system cane, the rarest of all physicians canes,Art Deco and Art Nouveau,Folk-art,Coral, plus much more.

Cash or Check 20% buyers fee. Preview 9 am the morning of the auction.

A printed catalogue is available for 25.00

Internet catalogue and internet bidder registration:

Here is the link to the copy of the printed catalogue:

Here is the link to the interactive catalogue. Its fun,

Date: Saturday, June 11, 2016
Time:10:00 am Eastern
Upcoming Auctions - JP_7000_lo.jpg
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Chesla & Ruth Sharp Lifetime Antiques Collection and Historic House
Saturday June 11th 10:am (Preview 9:am)
145 Jonesboro Water Plant Road
Limestone , Tennessee 37681 ( Near Historic Jonesborough)

Mr. Sharp passed away this year and Mrs. Sharp has decided to sell the
collection and the home-place. This is an auction you want to attend if
you like fine early american antiques. They spent a lifetime putting this
collection together.

The Real Estate:
Bart Long and Associates Reality and Auction TFL-5298
Call Bart or Jan to see this real estate but not the personal property-
Bart cannot show you personal property at this location.276-466-HOME

Early Tennessee Brick Mansion which is on the National Register as the
home of Col. Thomas Telford on one acre of land. Washington County's best
keep secret .This home is completely restored with its original floors and
is ready to move in the day after the auction. Not one dime was sparred on
the restoration of this fabulous historic property.This is probably the
best best restored Federal home that we have ever offered. Beautifully
landscaped of the period and ready for the new Owner.Built in cupboards
and great Clark Gable staircase. Three bedrooms, study , den large living
room, dining room,, two baths , brick patio, kitchen is to die for for the
purist, fenced with a custom made fence in the style of the Federal period
and a great view of Little Limestone Creek. Quite nights and lazy days.
This house is also large enough for some major entertaining.Real Estate
Terms- Cash or check, 10% buyers fee, 10% down day of sale and balance due
at closing in 30-45 days.Sale is subject to owners confirmation the day of
the auction. The owner is a very willing seller.
Lead Paint Notice- This home was built in the early 19th Century and may
contain lead paint. This is your notice.

The Antique Collection:
Kimball M Sterling, Inc. TFL- 1915
Do not call Kimball about real estate. You must call Bart at the above

Very Partial Listing- Formal hunt-board, sugar chest, three great corner
cupboards ( one is Grayson County Va.) many nice stands, Tea tables,
Federal sideboard, collection of oil paintings, fine carpets, Native
American pottery-rugs and baskets,large collection of Native american bolo
ties, Primitives, game board, large collection of blue and white transfer
ironstone platters, pottery, early stretcher table, fireplace iron, nice
collection of early mirrors, canopy bed, two period highboys, leaded glass
lamp, Fiesta,Windsor chairs, fine clocks, Tall case american
clock,collection of white ironstone. period Chippendale side chair,hooked
rugs, paint grained blanket chest, , other blanket chest, Large William
and Mary Kas,Local jelly cupboard, Hepplewhite chest,nice trundle bed,
salt glaze, spinning wheel, early childs chair, butter molds, quilts and
linens, large library to be sold in lots, Heriz carpet, spice cabinet,
floor dough box, wicker furniture, banquet table and much more. Some
modern household items also. Plus great yard items including John Deer
riding mower, yard tools, hand tools and much more.

There is a large library in the house. One that you would expect from two
lifelong college professors. Many art coffee table books, an extensive
Native American collection, Hardback Antiques books, English and Civil War
history. some early American books, and much more. First edition Novels
etc. These will be sold at noon on the back patio .Probably 5000+ books
which will be choice and then by the box lot.

Terms- Cash or check- 10% buyers fee. This is an estate so sale tax will
not be collected. All items must be paid for the day of the auction. There
will be a pick up on Sunday. June 12th from noon till 2:00 for larger
items that could not be loaded on the day of the auction.You will have to
have help with you. We will only have someone there to open the house.

Date: Monday, May 30, 2016
Time:11:00 AM Eastern
Upcoming Auctions - 1.jpg.jpg
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Memorial Day Monday Estates Auction
May 30th-11 am
125 West Market Street
Johnson CIty, Tennessee 37604

"This is all estate merchandise not shop worn"

This is our 25th annual sale that will again be a good auction for the
auction buyer and the collector.
Photos and details coming soon.You are seeing only a few photos of over
150 coming,

Very Partial listing- Sterling Flatware. Tillie Memmer Doll( see list
below) and Train Collection, period highboy chest on chest, a large group
of official Jack Daniels barrel chairs, Fine china and glass, French
Wardrobes, Antique French chandeliers and lusters, French and Italian
sofas, Prelude sterling. Eloquence sterling, Fountain pen collection,
Antique long guns which can be sold to anyone, Akai reel to reel, Mid-
century items, jewelry, formal and primitive furniture,country items,
an important colection of WW II Nazi German items being sold for an
estate of which the father that brought the items back from war- rare
African Corp Luftwaffe hat with neck guard,rare leather motorcycle
helmet, SS dagger, Kinder Helmet, uniforms, other daggers,Mauser 22
training rifle, Items from an early East Tennessee homestead including
wardrobes- photos- etc,jewelry,Jockeys uniform and American military
items,Oak partners desk once belonging to Mae Ross McDowell( Johnson CIty
Foundry),complete estate from a home on Boone Lake,Antique Walnut gun
cabinet, country and formal furniture,professional ping pong table,
antique standard gauge train cars,hundreds of early smalls, oak furniture,
art glass cane collection, Pair of shoes once belonging to Lady
Gaga,quilts,pottery,large library,estate carpets, Karastan runners, Black
lacquer furniture, French boudoir chair, pottery, Fine crystal and china,
leather books,Kingsize padded headboard ,costume jewelry,Large Chinese
screens, paintings and prints, great early estate box lots and much more.

Cash or check . 10% Buyers fee. Preview 9 am.

Here is the DOLL list. They will sell at Noon. It will take about 30
minutes to sell the collection:

1. 30” Heinrich Handwerk, German Bisque Head Doll- Body marked 109-15 DEP
Ca. 1910-1920- Repainted body, composition body, set brown eyes, open
mouth, pierced ears, old clothing and shoes. Sold as is. $200-$300
(Originally sold for $1,100 in 1997, handmade wig)

2.18” German AM 1894 Bisque Headed Doll- Ca. 1890s- composition body, new
wig, newer vintage clothing, blue set eyes, open mouth $50-$100 Sold as

3.24” Henrich Handwerck/Simon Halnig German Bisque Head Doll- Ca. 1910-
1920- Composition body, brown sleep eyes, open mouth, pierced ears, new
wig, vintage clothing, sold as is. $75-$150

4.28” Max Handwerck Bisque Head Doll- Composition body, blue sleep eyes
with eyelashes, open mouth with teeth, vintage clothing and shoes and
partial human hair wig, sold as is. $175-275

5.24” Morimura Brothers Bisque Head Doll- Ca. 1920-1925-Marked Japan 1/9,
set blue eyes , open mouth with teeth, newer vintage clothes, composition
body, new wig. $75-$125

6.22” German AM 370 Bisque Head- Late 1800s, early 1900s- shoulder plate,
kid body, bisque hands, open mouth with teeth, open/close blue eyes, sold
as is. Some damage to the kid body legs. New wig, old vintage clothing.

7.32” German Heinrich Handwerck/Simon Halbig Bisque Head Doll- Ca. 1910-
1920- Composition body, brown sleep eyes, open mouth with teeth, old and
new clothing, new wig, ½” right small check rub, pierced ears, sold as is.

8.16” Repro Bye-Lo Baby by Susan Stouffer Bisque Head Doll- Ca. 1925-
Cloth body, blue stationary eyes, old clothes, sold as is. $50-$75

9.15” AM 341 Dream Baby German Bisque Head Doll- Ca. 1920s- Blue
stationary eyes, cloth body, composition hands, old and new clothing, sold
as is. $75-$100

10.20” Red Headed German Bisque Doll- Ca. 1900- blue sleep eyes with
damage, open mouth with teeth, composition jointed body, new wig, newer
clothing, missing one finger, sold as is. $75-$150

11.36” Big and Beautiful Simon Halbig KR Bisque Head Doll- Ca. 1910-1920-
Blue stationary eyes, open mouth with teeth, pierced ears, composition
body, old clothes, replaced human hair wig, sold as is. $300-$450

12. 20” Repro French Portrait Jumean Bisque- Ca. ?- Bisque hands and feet,
beautifully dressed, cloth body, sold as is. $100-$150

13.16” Reproduction French Jumean/Triste Bisque Head Doll- Ca. ?-
Composition body, nicely dressed, sold as is. $100-$150

14.20” Reproduction French Bisque Doll- Ca.?- Composition body, very
nicely dressed, sold as is. $100-$150

15.Approximately 17” Circumfrence Bye-Lo Baby Bisque Head Doll- Ca. 1925-
very big and pretty, cloth body, celluloid replaced hand, blue sleep eyes,
possible repair on back of neck, old clothing, sold as is. $250-$350

16.26” German K & K Company Bisque Head Doll- Ca. 1920s- shoulder plate,
marked K & K 50, cloth body, blue stationary eyes, replaced wig, repainted
hands and feet, possible replaced body, old clothes, sold as is. $50-$100

17. 28” Reproduction Brujne 15 Bisque Head by Susan Hill- Dated 1991-
Composition French body, old and new clothing, sold as is. $150-$200

18.30” German Simon and Halbig Bisque Doll #1078- Ca 1910-1920- new cloth,
brown stationary eyes, open mouth with teeth, vintage clothes, composition
body, new wig, sold as is with hat and muff. $250-$350

19.27” K *R Marked Doll- Ca. 1920s- stationary brown glass eyes, plate put
together doll, vintage clothing, soft body sold as is. $50-$75

20.60/62” Custom Made Bisque Life Size Doll by Susan Hill- Ca. 1990s- blue
glass eyes, cloth body, bisque half arm and hand, blonde wig, old clothes
and shoes, old and new jewelry, pierced ears. $200-$300

21.60/62” Custom Made Bisque Life Size Doll by Susan Hill- Ca. 1990s-
brown stationary eyes, red wig, vintage clothing, missing shoe, pierced
ears, sold as is. $200-$300

22.23” Reproduction Brujne Bisque Doll- Ca. 1986- Composition body, nicely
dressed, bisque arms, sold as is. $150-$200

23.26” Reproduction French FG Bisque Boy Doll- Ca. 1982- nicely dressed,
sold as it. $150-$200

24.27” Antique German/French Doll- Early 1900s- marked DEP/12, made for
the French market, composition French body, open mouth, pierced ears, blue
sleep eyes, both old and new clothing, sold as is. $225-$325

25.25” Reproduction French “H” Bisque Doll- Ca. 1984- human hair wig,
pierced ears, nicely dressed, sold as is. $200-$300

26.29” Antique Simon & Halbig/ K * R German Bisque Doll- Ca. 1910-1920-
Composition body,, repainted body, 1” hairline on back crown of head,
brown sleep eyes, open mouth, pierced ears, new wig and vintage clothes.

27.15” Antique German Baby Doll- Ca. 1910-1920- Hertel and Schwab marked
125/10, bisque head, repainted composition baby body, blue sleep eyes,
sold as is. $75-$125

28.17/18” Reproduction German Hilda Bisque Toddler Doll- Ca. 1984-
composition body, vintage clothes, stationary eyes, sold as is. $50-$100

29.29” Bisque Artist Doll- Ca. 1980-1990- bisque turning head, shoulder
plate, hands and feed marked “vs” “reppo” large pretty doll with nice
vintage clothes, sold as is. $95-$150

30.16” Length Reproduction ByeLo Baby- blue eyes, cloth body, old clothes,
sold as is. $50-$75

31.24” Blonde German China Head Doll- Ca. 1880-1890- old arms and legs but
new body, sold as is. $75-$100

32.12” Antique German Black Haired China Head Doll- Ca. 1880-1890- Old
body, old clothes, marked Germany 2G, nice collectible, sold as is $50-$75

33.12 ½” Antique German Black Haired China Head Doll- Ca 1880s-1890s-
marked Germany 2G, old body and clothes, nice eollectibe size, minor
repair to left fabric leg, sold as is. $50-$75

34.16” Reproduction Black Haired China Doll- old dress, sold as is. $15-35

35.8” German Baby Doll- Ca. 1910-1920- Bisque head, blue sleep eyes,
composition body, head needs restringing, nicely dressed, sold as is. $45-

36.15” Reproduction Music Box Doll with Baby Bisque Doll attached- Ca.
1880-1890- in working condition, sold as it. $50-$75

37.10” Reproduction German Dream Baby nicely dressed, sold as is. $20-40

38.Vintage Wooden Doll Table- oval drop leaf, 17” when open, 9 ½” high,

39.Vintage Wood Doll High Chair- wicker and wooden, floor to seat 21” $75-

40.Antique Oak Doll Cabinet- 20” H x 11 ½ W x 6 ½” deep $75-100

41.Vintage Wooden Doll Dresser= 22” to top of mirror 13” wide $25-45

42.Vintage Black Wooden Doll Carriage- Early 1900s- 11” to top of bed 16”
long, sold as it,$45-$75

43.Vintage Wicker Doll Buggy- Early 1900s- very nice condition, 23 ½”
floor to top of handle, sold as is $45-75

44.1800 Antique Wooden Doll Carriage- Late 1800s- 23” floor to handle,
Joel Ellis type doll buggy, sold as is, $100-$150

45.Box Lot of Doll Related Items- Doll quilt, small bear, Ann Ruble doll
book and doll house furniture by Tillie, sold as is. $75-$150

46.Box Lot of Assorted Pieces of Dollhouse Wicker Furniture by Tillie-
sold as is, $75-$150

47.Box Lot od Assorted Dollhouse Furniture and Accessories by Tillie- sold
as is. $75-150

48.Box Lot of Assorted Doll Related Items- vintage and newer including
rocking chair, tiny teddy bears, and dishes. Sold as is. $25-45

49.Box Lot of Assorted Doll and Furniture Items- miniature doll house
furniture by Tillie, sold as is. $25-45

50.Box Lot of Assorted Dollhouse and Doll Furniture- some by Tillie, sold
as is. $20-40

51Two Pairs of Vintage Doll and Children’s Leather Shoes- missing some
buttons, sold as is. $25-45

52.Vintage Oak and Glass Curio Case with Assorted Miniature Teddy Bears
and Furniture- 11 ½” x 9 ¾” x 9” Top lifts off, $100-$175

Time:10:30 am
Upcoming Auctions - DSCN2798.JPG
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St. Martin Estate
Gate City Va.
Spring of 2016

This is a really nice estate in Downtown Gate City. I will list the address
soon but it will be sold at the home place. Fine antique furniture with one
heck of a corner cupboard, local pie safe. and many styles of furniture,
fine china and glass, paintings, nice baby grand piano, large library, lots
of cast iron yard furniture, and much much more. Our tent will be up rain or
shine. Great estate box lots. This house has been closed for over 12 years
and you will be the first to buy. Be here for an exciting day.

Cash or check 10% BP. Preview 9:30 am

Kimball M Sterling Auctioneer Lic# VAAR 1556

One piece or an entire collection of outsider or folk-art for future auctions.
Please give us a call 423 7733 4073 and email us
if you have items to sell.

We are now accepting African American items for a future auction. Toys, paperwork, books, political , historical, musical, slavery,civil war, advertising, quilts, art, canes, and most anything related to this field.
Please contact us at if you have items to consign

Accepting Jewelry, Coin Collections, Silver and Gold Coins for upcoming Auction.

One piece or a complete estate. Call for a free evaluation

Please email us at or by phone 423-928-1471

Upcoming Auctions - 13594.jpg
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We are in the tent rental business and have been for about 15 years here in Johnson City, We service a pretty wide area. Our sizes go from 20 x 20 to 40 by 80. Most of our tents are made by Eureka. We rent to business's, church's,Johsnon City Country Club, The Range. Lowes of johnson City, Elizabethton Chamber of Commerce, Covered bridge Festival, Girls Inc. of Johnson City, fireworks stands, Walmarts, TNT Fireworks, weddings, partys, and much more. We do not charge estra for delivery or set-up

Our tents can come with sides or without sides. We do keep a few tables also to rent but not many. We do mostly tents. You can see out tents setup at most of the Walmarts in SW Va during the Fourth of July. We have done those tents for about 8 years. All of our tents are up to fire code and most are pole tents. all of our tents are clean.

Give us an email or a call for a price. Our tents are high peeked and we also have some Capris (Looks like a big geometric butterfly has landed). Take a look at the Eureka Tents web site and you will see most of what we have. Wedding tents, party Tents,

Trade works as good as cash. Give us a chance to quote you.
Kimball M. Sterling Inc.
125 West Market St.
Johnson City, Tennessee 37604

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